Veterinary Student Externship

How to Apply for an Externship

To apply for an externship, students must submit a curriculum vitae, cover letter, current grade report (it does not need to be an official transcript), and names and contact information for three references.  Letters of recommendation are not necessary.  Students must be enrolled in a veterinary college accredited by the American Veterinary Medical Association to apply.

The externships are volunteer positions, so there is no stipend.  There is housing available for a fee in graduate housing on the UIC campus, about 2 blocks from the animal facility.  Information on campus housing and parking is available at and

The length and timing of the externships can be for 2-4 weeks at times other than the summer. We do not schedule externs between May 15 and August 15 due to our summer veterinary student fellowship program sponsored by ASLAP.

To work in the nonhuman primate colony, externs are required to provide proof of negative tuberculosis status and protective measles titer within the past year.  Externs cover the cost for these tests and must provide results at least two weeks before the schedule externship start date.

Application materials should be sent to Dr. Lisa Halliday at