Animal Facilities

BRL Building

The UIC Animal Care and Use Program consists of 137,000 sq. ft. of animal holding/support space distributed amongst more than 10 facilities.  The Biologic Resources Laboratory (BRL) and the contiguous animal holding space in the basement of the College of Medicine Research Building are considered the institution’s centralized animal facility. Together these two buildings contain approximately 110,000 sq. ft. of animal holding/support space.  Five other animal facilities

Located within the centralized facility are the institution’s large animal, nonhuman primate and murine pathogen free rodent colonies, a full-service diagnostic laboratory, full-service experimental surgery and radiology units, rodent quarantine service, cross-foster rederivation service, cage wash and sterilization support areas, veterinary and investigator procedural support areas, and a necropsy support area.

The other facilities/satellites contain approximately 27,000 sq. ft.  Six satellite facilities are considered general use satellites and support the research projects of multiple investigators in the BBC, MBRB, BSB, SES and DENT buildings.  The other satellites are considered specialized satellites and support the work of one investigator or one specific research type of research. All animal facilities at UIC are either managed directly by the staff of the BRL or overseen by the veterinary staff of the BRL.